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Angie Burton is the creator of Application Bling©. A self-described “mom on a mission”,  Angie’s vision for is to be a one-stop resource and community for young job seekers, their parents, and anyone else interested in helping launch new employees into the workforce.  “As a parent, I want my kids to have a work ethic, a sense of pride, and to know the value of a dollar,” says Angie. “I think today’s young people want to learn to make their own way, and that parents want to help.”

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Born and raised in Chattanooga, Tennessee, Angie’s worked since the age of sixteen. Stumbling across the idea of Application Bling when helping her own teenage daughter, Haley, land a job in 2011 at Ace Hardware, Angie’s passionate about teens and young adults establishing a strong work ethic.

Married for twenty plus years to Rick, he shares her belief that teens face a brighter future when they learn the value of earning their own money and working hard to reach their goals. Their son, Cal, starting working in Rick’s tire business at the age of fifteen, working part-time while playing high school baseball.

Angie’s first job was in a local retail clothing store, The Leader, in the 1980′s. From sales associate to cashier to sales audit, Angie worked at the same store through high school and college. She also took on a second job in college at a local sports club, The Sports Barn. Granted working two jobs made it difficult to graduate in four years, Angie doesn’t regret taking an extra year to earn her degree because she got a head start in building her resume, making important contacts, learning how to budget, and prioritize her time.

Upon graduating the Univeristy of Tennessee at Chattanooga with a BA degree in Communications and Psychology, Angie started her career in Advertising in 1987. Originally aspiring to be a copywriter, her strong organizational skills and resourcefulness were better suited in production. Working as a Producer in advertising agencies, including most recently, The Johnson GroupAngie’s portfolio is filled with award winning television, radio, print, and digital campaigns.

Angie is presently working as a Freelance Producer and Event Planner allowing her time to devote to developing her blog, and spend more time with her family, which includes being a caregiver for her father-in-law who has Alzheimer’s Disease.

You may get in touch with Angie by emailing or calling 423.508.5474. Learn more by visiting Angie’s Linkedin and Facebook pages.

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