Applying to College

I’m a resourceful person.  That’s always been one of my greatest strengths.  If I need something, I seek it out even if I don’t know squat about whatever it is.  We are all very lucky to have the internet and Google.  Combine those with the ability to read, ask questions and be persistent, I feel like there’s not much I can’t accomplish. But, I have to admit, learning about the college application process and funding college has been a bit intimidating.

Haley is 17 and is currently in the process of applying to universities.  This is a big deal.  Choosing a college can be a defining moment in her life.  Actually, it WILL be a defining moment.  How will I live with myself if I lead her in the wrong direction?  Or, how will I live with myself if I don’t let go and allow her to choose her path.  It’s hard to know how much, or how little, I should help.  (I try really hard not to be one of those helicopter moms, but truth is, I’m told, I am one.)

She’s learning a lot at school, but I wonder how much she’s retaining on top of a grueling Dual Enrollment schedule, a billion extra-curricular activities, and a parttime job. There’s so much to it. I’ll start here by sharing resources with her, and others who are going through this, about applying to college, researching and applying for scholarships, filling out FAFSA forms, applying for loans and financial aid, and more.  Check back often as I will share articles and links as I come across them as I help Haley.  Good luck!!

To start off, here’s a great website, US News & World Report, full of useful information.  You’ll want to bookmark this one.