What People Are Saying

make job application stand out“The pink clings were so cute, I handed the application straight to the manager!”
Lauren Swafford, cashier Ace Hardware


“I had been looking for a job for 3 months, filing out application after application with no luck.  As soon as I use Application Bling®, I get a job!  First application I used it on and it was the job I really wanted!” Joseph Buckley, age 18


“I used Application Bling® on two job applications where I really wanted  to work and got called by both places! I got the job I really wanted!”
Haley Burton, age 16


“My daughter was breaking me! She really needed a job and Application Bling® helped her application get noticed and she landed a good job. One of the places she used the cling called her over a year later!  The manager said he set the application aside because of the cling.”
Darla Potter, mom of Allie – age 18


“I thought the cling on the application showed initiative so I hired Haley.”
Ray Ivey, Manager, Ace Hardware


“What a great way to make a job application stand out.  The website blog  and Facebook page offer great tips for how to get a job, tips for  interviewing, and offers timely news for teens about working and  finances.” Margay McGee, Guidance Counselor