What Is Application Bling?

make job application stand outApplication Bling® is a colorful cling, sort of like a Post-it note, you apply to a job application to get it noticed fast. Much like a cover letter compliments a resume; Application Bling® enhances a job application by highlighting your goals plus best qualities and achievements.

Easily created on your home computer using the free Word template below, it’s best to print clings on a removable label stock such as Post-it 2500 H (neon colors) or 2500 J (white) or Avery 6464 (white).  Removable adhesive allows the hiring manager to easily peel off the cling to reveal what’s underneath  without damaging the application.  Personally, I like the Post-it Brand labels because they remove a little cleaner than the Avery ones do.


Click here for FREE Application Bling® template

Where to Buy Labels

These labels are available at most office supply stores and also available online.  Below, in blue, are links to Amazon who offers them for significantly less than office supply stores.

Post-it 2500 H ID labels are in assorted neon colors.  The key is to get the application noticed and these neon colors really pop.


Post-it 2500 J ID are white so you can customize your desired color in Word when you create.


Avery 6464 are also white.