How It Came About

SparkleWith the unemployment rate for 16-22 year olds at an all-time high, most young job seekers welcome a way stand out from the crowd.  But that’s no easy task, particularly in the world of retail, food service and other entry-level jobs most often filled by young people–positions where a standard job application is the candidate’s only way of providing information about themselves, their qualifications and life experiences.  That, says Angie Burton, is why she created, with free downloadable “Bling” decals designed to help young job seekers put their own special touch on job applications—and stand out from the pile.

“I got the idea when my daughter, Haley, was looking for her first job” says Burton, a mother of two and long-time advertising and print producer.  Despite being an A-student with an outgoing personality, she wasn’t getting offers.  And Burton thought she knew why.

“It’s not like an adult applying for a professional position, where we have cover letters and resumes to help tell our stories,” she says.  “For kids just starting out, they usually fill out a job application and that’s it.  I felt that she was getting overlooked… that her school achievements, community service and other attributes weren’t being noticed.  So I started looking for a way to help her stand out.”

Burton’s idea was to “bling” her daughter’s resume with a small, brightly colored decal on her next job application.   Using a simple layout with a decorative font and just a few bullet points, she listed highlights of her daughter’s academic career, including awards, accolades, and community service experience, along with one or two “fun facts” about her.  Next, she called in a favor from one of her ad agency’s vendors and had a handful of these “bling” decals printed on neon-bright decal paper. Application Bling on job application

As it turns out, she really only needed one copy.  Her daughter was offered the very next job for which she applied.  And Burton knew she was onto something.

“The cashier who took her application said she saw the Application Bling® and took it straight to the store manager”, Ms. Burton says.  The manager commented that the cling showed initiative so he hired her.  “Word spread among her friends, and soon I was making Application Bling® for them, too.  And every single one of them got interviews or a job.  In fact, some got multiple job offers the same week.  It was like they had a secret weapon.”

Now, this secret weapon can be created at home using the FREE Word template, removable label paper, and an inkjet or laser printer.  Good luck!

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