Break Into the Medical Field in Less Than a Year

As the baby boomer generation ages, the demand for medical professionals increases dramatically. Careers in the field range from administrative positions and pharmacy techs to medical assistants and billing specialists, and some of these are expected to see up to 31 percent growth by 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS).

With such a large variety of jobs becoming available in the medical administration and health care fields, there are few different educational paths to take to get to a solid, stable career. If you’re looking for direction and lean toward the medical field, there are post-graduation programs that take less than a year to complete. This specialty education can put your resume on top of the stack.

Medical Assistant

The BLS projects the job outlook for medical assistants to grow much faster than the average of all occupations by 2020. In fact, they expect to see 31 percent job growth here. Demand stems from more routine administrative duties enabling physicians to take on more patients. There is a wide array of opportunity in this field; physicians, chiropractors and other health care practitioners are in search of knowledgeable and qualified people with a passion for the health industry and a drive to become educated and grow in the profession. There are several programs to help you stand out, but often the best training comes on the job. Entry level pay is around $28,800 a year.

Medical Billing

Medical records management is no small task. Developing a solid skill set of terminology and diagnostic/procedural coding in the medical billing field properly prepares you for the responsibilities of this position. The expected growth of this job is 21 percent by 2020, according to the BLS. Study medical coding and billing at and you’ll be able to process and maintain medical records, retrieve and transport records, communicate with insurance companies and discuss these matters face-to-face with patients. Programs in this field offer a thorough understanding of anatomy and insight into regulations that govern the practice of medicine. A certificate program will help you land a job and real-world experience could increase your entry-level salary in physician offices, outpatient care facilities, insurance companies, specialty practices and government agencies. Certification can happen online and in five months. Entry level pay is around $32,200 a year.

Pharmacy Technician

Five months is all it takes to learn to be a pharmacy tech. The expected growth of this in-demand profession is 32 percent by 2020, reports BLS. Many states require pharmacy techs to pass a state board examination, so a certification program is essential for success. Once you pass the boards, you will be able to work directly with licensed pharmacists dispensing prescription medication. Training will assist you with medical terminology, management of patient records and insurance needs of customers. Recent grads can find jobs in pharmacies in hospitals, grocery stores and drug stores. Entry level pay is around $28,400 a year.

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