Should You Be Worried About Background Checks?

Should I even care about Background Check

In almost all cases, if you are asked to give permission to have your personal background checked, this is a very good sign that you are the candidate that the business is looking for. A business is certainly not going to put someone they are not interested in through a background check…these checks cost money. So, if asked to sign a release, you are definitely in the final stages of the hiring process.

What Will Employers Find Out About Me?

Once you have signed the release, you will probably be wondering what employers can find out from a background check. Generally they will be able to see your former places of employment, your former addresses, past education, criminal history and possibly credit history, depending on where you live. Some things that they will not be able to see, unless you specifically give them permission, are your past salaries, reason for termination, your past employee reviews, your grades and a criminal history over 10 years old.

What are Employers Looking For?

Many candidates will also wonder what employers are actually looking for when they run background checks. Essentially they are looking to make sure that candidates are being truthful with them about their background and experience. Did you really attend that college? Was your job title really what you said it was? Do you really not have a criminal background? All of these things can be determined through a background check. Though it is true that you may be an upstanding citizen, and you may feel offended that they don’t believe what you say, employers weren’t born yesterday. Way too many people lie on resumes, and as you can see, it affects us all, one way or another.

Red Flags and Concerns

You may have something in your background that is concerning to you or that may be a red flag to an employer. In this situation, it is imperative that you are upfront and honest with your potential employer. This includes a criminal history, the fact that you may have taken classes but not earned a degree and of course always be honest about past job titles. You can be certain that an employer is going to appreciate the honesty that you give them much more than a lie.

Background checks are a practice that is here to stay, so if you are going to be in the work force, you will need to get used to them…as they can be a very valuable tool for employers to find their ideal candidates.

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