What Your Teen Won’t Tell You About Spring Break in Panama City Beach…

Most families look forward to Spring Break, but if you have teenagers, and they happen to be among the hundreds of thousands that make their way to Panama City Beach this Spring, then your break might be filled with worry and anxiety.

Middle and high school kids, along with college kids,  from all over the country converge on Panama City Beach for what promises to be a huge party. Some go with friends, some chaperoned, some not; others go with their families and beg to get away to the strip as much as they can.

Social media is traditionally filled with posts and pictures about partying in PCB for Spring Break. As my daughter, Haley, stated, “Everyone goes, Mom!”  When three of us moms caved in and took our daughters and a couple of their 16-17 year old friends to PCB, it felt like she hadn’t embellished much. It was the first year I was letting her go during Spring Break, and only because I was going, too.  Here’s what I learned…

Be Prepared for Debauchery

Not to instill panic on parent’s or teenagers planning their PCB Spring Break 2014 vacation, I just want to make sure you’re prepared for the impending insanity, debauchery, and nastiness of it all. Seventeen magazine dubbed PCB the “sketchiest Spring Break in America”. Yes, I know that’s what the teenagers want, and I get it.  Maybe it’s a “right of passage”.  Arguably kids should experience it once in their lives, but I personally believe they should wait until they are of legal drinking age, or at the very least, in college.

party The strip is a melting pot of drugs, drinking, sex, and nudity. On our trip, watching preteen girls play beer bong with college aged boys was common. Clearly underage kids were partaking in drinking games all over the beach. Kids were smoking weed out in the open and girls were flashing body parts. All this was happening during the day, as early as 11am. You can only imagine what the evenings were like once these kids had over-indulged and become completely belligerent and promiscuous.party 2

The Danger of Letting Your Teen Go Unchaperoned

After we came across a group of senior cheerleaders from Haley’s high school who had come unchaperoned, our girls started planning their trip for their senior year.  After what I saw, I knew for sure my daughter wouldn’t be returning unchaperoned while still in high school.  Now she’s a freshman in college and her sorority is headed to where else but PCB in March. I’m still nervous!

It’s not that I don’t trust her, or her friends but there are so many risks and dangers. Teens falling off balconies, picking up STDs from foam parties at Club La Vela,  hanging out of cars driven by intoxicated drivers, and drunk, hormonal college boys who don’t take no for an answer are all things she might easily encounter.  Now, at 19, and having lived on her own for a few months she, at least, has acclimated to the college lifestyle and is better prepared to make good decisions.

High school, and certainly middle-school age teens don’t have the maturity to handle themselves in these circumstances. Too many really bad things can happen in a split second. Maybe some of my readers will re-think their Spring Break plans or at the very least,  try staying a little further out where it’s not as crazy.  I’ll certainly have some kids mad at me, but parents need to know that just because every other kid at their school is going, doesn’t make it safe.

haley and baileys


  1. Christopher says:

    Since when is it such a rite for high school age to go on spring break? College people, I can see that. Most of them are of age to drink and consent to things. Putting underage girls along with people there to party is just asking for trouble on both sides!

  2. Christopher Scheuttig says:

    Hey everybody just wanted you all to know that i am a local resident of Panama City Beach also known as i live here all year and the time it gets crazy is of course spring break is all of this stuff mentioned in that status true yes you bet yourself it is. Spring breakers come and act like they own the damn place they can be very disrespectful which is ok i mean hell yeah partying in a vacation spot thats fine i totally understand im just saying they need to settle down the rest of the year is calm maybe youll hear a siren going off 1 time a day if youre lucjy durint sprong break youll hear it go off atleast 5-10 times a day and 90% of the time its the spring breakers so please just take a good time and look to see about your family going here during spring break and if you do please be responsible and respectful people do live here but otherwise come on down and have the best damn time of your life with many things to do and free concerts..

  3. I went last year with a group of girls, sure it was the craziest thing that i have ever been through and it was most deff sketchy, but no where near what everyone makes it seem. most guys down their did take no for an answer, im a 5’0 100lb girl, sure they could take advantage of me, but when i said no they didnt hesitate to mess with me anymore. Just be careful of your surrondings, other than that it’s a blast, going back for SB 2K14 (;

  4. I am thinking about letting my son go… When did you go? they were thinking of going Mid April and the college kids might be gone then.

    • Our trips were in late March during Spring Break.

    • Christopher Scheuttig says:

      Mid april is a great time this place is calm butbif youre son is looking to have the best time of his life let him go during spring break otherwise april is very easygoing and calm

    • I live in panama city. You are moron if you let your child come here. People are posting photos of people having sex on the beach. Everyone come here to trash the beaches & have no respect what so ever. Im 20 btw. Not some old person bitching.

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