Tips for Better Bling Wording

make job application stand out

Focus on Your Strengths

If your GPA isn’t great, don’t worry about it. Add other points that make you attractive to an employer. Include volunteer work, community service, clubs, or extra-curricular activies .  You never know when a hiring manager may support the same charity that you perform volunteer work for, or the hiring manager may really love a particular sport you play.



Tell Them Why You Want the Job

Of course you want to earn money—that’s a given. Instead, mention why you want to earn money. What are your admirable goals? You could mention that you’re trying to earn money for college, you’re trying to save for a car, you want to pay your parents back for tuition, etc.



Start Lines with an Active Verb

This isn’t necessary for every line, but work them in wherever you can because they give the impression that you accomplish things. Verb examples: Achieved, Started, Created, Worked, Received, etc.